Hey, What's Up? Hello.

I'm Casey

I am so grateful that you are here! 

Let me tell you a bit more about my story.. 

I went to a small college in Virginia right after high school and got a degree in Special Education. My long term dream has always been to be a photographer, but I never really knew this was something I could do full time, so I chased another passion of mine. Serving people with special needs.


I have been a teacher for the past two years and I sincerely LOVE it, but bless up to growth and social media for taking this little photography business off the ground, so that I can officially say that I am a full time photographer! 

So where did photography come in? 

I got my first "real" camera as a freshman in high school and I was always bugging my friends to take pictures of them for photo class. As I got to college I just lost the time I needed to dive into photo deeper until one of my best friends asked me to take their senior photos. From there, I haven't put my camera down since! I am my happiest when I am serving my wild and adventurous couples! 

The fact that I get to be such an integral part of some many wedding days, graduations, engagements, and pregnancies is such an honor! I am trusted with capturing such important days and I do not take that lightly at all! 

I am feeling #blessed! 

casey ripp a virginia elopement, couples and wedding photographer sitting in field

Fun Facts

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Harry Styles

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My Family

My whole heart is right here.

I married my high school sweetheart and love of my life on 10.10.20! Cody and I met while running high school track together. I was a sprinter and he was a long distance runner. I like to joke that it was forbidden love lol. Cody and I are the exact definition of opposites attract. He is the calm to my crazy. He is on the feet on the ground while I am in the head in the clouds. Together, we have the cutest pups EVER. Sorry I may be biased, but just look at these cuties! 

german shepard dog