Summer Engagement at Blackwater Falls State Park

You have no idea how excited I was when Kaitlyn and Oscar reached out to do their engagement session. When we decided on our location, I was even more pumped and I couldn't wait! Oscar is originally from Puerto Rico but currently resides in Florida, while Kaitlyn actually lives over here in Arlington! They have been doing their long distance relationship for a bit, but are currently engaged and are so excited to tie the knot. At the moment they are currently in search for their dream wedding venue, but of course we just HAD to take some incredibly epic engagement shots at one of the most beautiful locations.

We first met up at Blackwater Falls State Park over in West Virginia. Oscar, Kaitlyn and I actually got an Airbnb the night before close to the state park so we were able to share some pizza + wine. It seriously was THE BEST time! At the crack of dawn we all (sluggishly) woke up and started our jam packed day filled with beautiful scenery epic photos. One thing you have to know about photographers is that oftentimes as we are driving to our ACTUAL destination spot, if we see something that inspires us you for sure know that we are stopping. So on our way to the waterfall, we made sure to stop in this beautiful open field to snag some shots of Kaitlyn and Oscar dancing, laughing and just overall being so freakin' adorable. The weather couldn't have been more perfect either, a beautiful warm 70 degree day - what could get better than that?

For their engagement session, Oscar and Kaitlyn also brought along their adorable pup, Marky. Marky is incredibly important to them and they wanted to make sure that he too, was celebrating this big moment! This engagement session consisted of 3 different outfit changes, all with very different vibes. Oscar and Kaitlyn had beautiful black outfits for something more elegant. Then of course we wanted to incorporate their causal and laid back nature, so they wore more chill clothes and we did a skateboarding session! Then as we headed towards the waterfall, it was much more flowy and "steamy" (if that's even the right word).

After many scenic stops along the way, we finally made to the waterfall and that's when things got a little bit.... hotter. Kaitlyn and Oscar's chemistry is completely unmatched and truly radiated through them. They completely submerged themselves into the water and really had fun with this engagement session which is all I ever really want with my couples. I absolutely love when my couples are able to let loose and really be themselves in front of the camera. You best believe that I am behind that camera giving you all the "oooo" and "ahhhhh's"! Kaitlyn and Oscar were truly naturals when it came to being in front of the camera and it really shows.

At the end of the day, I walked away feeling like I made new amazing friends. Kaitlyn and Oscar were so incredibly kind, funny and were willing to do anything - which I LOVE! Congratulations on the beautiful engagement K+O, you two were made for each other!!!

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