Castle Hill Cidery Wedding

Olivia & Ian got married at Castle Hill Cidery in near Charlottesville, Virginia. Olivia actually has a cider blog where she tastes and reviews different ciders, which is actually quite popular! This is one of the main reason why they decided to get married at Castle Hill Cidery! The venue also gave them bottles of cider throughout their special day too, which was so incredibly cute. Another reason why they felt Castle Hill was the perfect place for their wedding was because it gave the farm style vibes while still being classy and elegant. Originally they were supposed to have their wedding ceremony outside, but much like every other wedding I've shot in 2021 so far, it was raining!

We actually lucked out though since we were able to bop outside for every important moment that we needed, so cheers to that!! We were able to get all of the wedding portraits done outside and the ceremony ended up being the only thing that was moved indoors. They had a really cool indoor space with gorgeous lighting and an amazing breeze coming in as well throughout the entire ceremony.

If I could describe the dynamic between Olivia and Ian, I definitely would say it is mature. They live down in Charlotte and they are both goal oriented and super successful in their places of work. The way that they speak to each other is so eloquent and romantic and I just couldn't get enough. Both of their families are also the sweetest! I actually grew up with Olivia since she lived in my neighborhood and when we were little we would play with air-soft guns together (true friendship, am I right?). I was so honored to be able to capture such special moments for both of them and it's crazy how things come around full circle.

After the ceremony, it was time to for the reception and let me tell you... these guests can party! Olivia & Ian had Gelati Celesti Ice Cream, which is a super popular ice cream company here in Virginia, can we say yum??? Olivia & Ian had about 200 guests at their wedding and it was just so much fun seeing everyone laugh, dance and have a good time. The entire aura of the wedding was so bright and filled with love and you could just tell that everyone was focused on celebrating Olivia & Ian.

Congratulations Olivia & Ian and I wish you both nothing but the best. Thank you so much for letting me capture your wedding day, because it truly was magical.

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