Glendale Manor Virginia Wedding

On this beautiful 70 degree day, we celebrated Grady and Sarah at the Glendale Manor in Virginia. Fun fact too, Grady's family actually owns the property where their wedding took place and it's been in his family since the 1800's! It's such a cool moment and detail that they were able to incorporate into their special day. OBSESSED!

They both were going for a very rustic vibe and I think we achieved just that! They incorporated a lot of maroon, pink and green for their wedding theme which I think was the PERFECT end of Summer, beginning of Fall color scheme. Sarah made sure to really focus on small, intimate details throughout the entire day. One of these being small matching necklaces that she gifted to her wedding party, which I thought was just the cutest thing EVER. On the opposite side of the spectrum, once they received their gifts they OF COURSE had to do shot roulette. I mean, how can you turn it down?? This entire wedding party was ready for anything which I loved and honestly kept me really on my toes.

After getting ready, we made our way over to the ceremony where the water works were in full force. You could just feel the emotion in the air and really everyone was in their feels, I mean can you blame them? It wasn't long after the ceremony that the reception started and that's really when everyone broke out of their shells. Now, if I could assign one word for this wedding it would be... comfort. After the ceremony, all of the bridesmaids changed into matching PJ's and sparkly crocs (kinda jealous) and headed to the dance floor. Not only was this something that I've never seen before, but it is something that if I could redo my wedding would DEFINITELY incorporate. Everyone was really focusing on just having a fun time and being comfortable while celebrating G+S.

Grady and Sarah honestly are like a match made in heaven. Grady is a firefighter and Sarah is a paramedic and together they are unstoppable. They just really balance each other's energies so well!

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