Intimate Backyard Fall Wedding

Kaci and Greg currently reside in Chatanooga, Tennessee. They are lovers of making cocktails and truly embracing the fine art of alcohol tasting, cool right? They are essentially the cocktail king and queen! For their big day they really wanted to focus on being surrounded by friends/family and making sure that they are also incorporating aspects of themselves that truly represent them and what they value.

Intimate Backyard Fall Wedding

For their wedding day, they chose to have a much earlier wedding rather than the traditional afternoon to late evening wedding. They really wanted to be able to take their time, enjoy being around friends/family and enjoy some good drinks while they were at it. They essentially had a "cocktail hour" themed wedding, which I was SUPER stoked about. At their venue, they had these old school bars that they were able to utilize and they were so incredibly stoked to have as part of their decor.

The ceremony was a tear jerker for sure, as is many ceremonies. There were laughs, smiles, tears and a whole lotta love surrounding Kaci + Greg and I just loved every minute of it. Actually, their wedding was held at my aunts house funny enough. Back when me and my second shooter, Jordan (@ruffnerphotography), did Kaci + Greg's engagement session, we became really close and really bonded. Naturally as our friendship grew, I knew the perfect location for them to get married was on my aunts property! Which fun fact: this is actually where I got married as well *wink wink*.

What are Grand Exits?

Kaci and Greg even had a sparkler exit which I absolutely love! Grand exits are some of my favorite shots to get because there can be so many different ways to go about it. They are the moments as you step out together as husband & wife, a send off if you will. While Kaci and Greg had sparklers, other options for your grand exit could be: flower pets, streamers, biodegradable confetti (gotta be kind to mother earth) and even floating lanterns. These are all great options if you're looking for alternatives to the more traditional sparkler exit. What wasn't traditional however, was that Kaci and Greg held onto two candles and made sure to light everyone's sparklers before receiving their own. I just thought that little detail was too special for them to do and really just symbolizes their love for those around them.

Congratulations to Kaci + Greg for having the most amazing and epic wedding ever. From the decor, Kaci's beautiful wedding dress, the drinks that went on for days and the amazing friendship that has flourished, everything was just perfect. I feel humbled and honored to have been there to capture such special moments for K+G.

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