Intimate In-Home Family Maternity Session

The Thomas family were actually clients that I took photos for around 9 months ago when they first found out they were pregnant! They actually reached back out because they knew that they absolutely wanted to have a family maternity session for baby #2. They had a vision of doing an in-home maternity session and it just so happened that I had an Airbnb booked so it was perfect timing (if I do say so myself). After a little bit of back and forth with some inspo, it finally was time for action.

We kind of went for a relaxed and laid back vibe, where the whole family wore Calvin Klein jeans and were all matching (soooo adorable). Stepping outside of the usual maternity session photos is what we were going for. Although there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with taking those beautiful outdoor maternity photos, we really wanted to step outside of the box for this. Moody, casual, intimate and lively was the setting we were aiming for and I think we captured just that. We basically spent the entire afternoon shooting different outfits, laughing and really just having fun experimenting. This Airbnb even had a hammock inside, so it was a great piece to incorporate into this family maternity session.

Although this whole family maternity session was a blast, the best part would have to be the milk bath. This part of the session was what everyone was most excited for, so much so that INSERT NAME brought a whole fern and broke some pieces off to put into the bath. There were some shots where her son joined her in the bath and we also were able to capture some amazing silhouettes.

While editing these photos, I think to myself how fun and amazing the Thomas Family really is. I am so grateful to have been there to create these amazing memories for them to cherish forever. You know, there are certain sessions where there are some clear favorites but frankly.... ALL of these are my favorite.

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