Moody In-Home Couples Session

Recently I shot with Christy, Bryce and their son for a fun outdoors family session. Since we had such an amazing time organizing and shooting that amazing session, we decided to something much more moody and intimate.

Christy is definitely an aesthetic queen, so when we wanted to plan something for this intimate couples session we knew we wanted some moody vibes. They really wanted this moody in-home session to focus on them and showing their love for one another. Christy and Bryce really wanted this session to rekindle the core of their relationship and truly celebrate all of the accomplishments that they have been able to conquer together.

Christy brought over a polaroid camera, which was a perfect prop for them to use and get more candid photos. We also snapped some shots of the two of them pouring and drinking tea too. I really wanted it to seem like I wasn't even there and I was capturing raw and real everyday moments.

One thing that can happen during these intimate sessions that I feel not enough people speak about is mindset. There definitely can be moments where when you are in more revealing clothing or posing in front of the camera in a more vulnerable way, where you may feel self-conscious or nervous. It's important to remember that NOBODY is perfect in front of the camera and that there is no wrong way when it comes to how you look, dress or act. Being in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking, yes, but know that you are beautiful no matter what. It's also important to work with photographers who make you feel 100% yourself and comfortable in front of the camera! If anyone is every feeling less confident while shooting with me, I always make sure to have them tell me 3 things that they love about themselves. Everyone should get to see and recognize the beauty in themselves as much as I see them while shooting behind the lens!

Christy and Bryce are such genuine and kind souls and I am so happy that I was able to shoot with them again. We were able to have such an amazing and empowering time shooting together and really being able to connect. It's always a pleasure shooting with them and I can't wait to create more magic with them in the future.

If you loved this steamy intimate in-home couples session with Christy and Bryce, then you're going to LOVE this adventures couples session in Sedona, Arizona with Mason and Rachel!

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