Outer Banks Adventure Session

As a photographer there are moments where you have those "dream sessions" that you have been longing to shoot - and this, right here... yeah it's one of those.

Lillie & Jacob booked me a year ago and we had been dreaming of meeting in Colorado for the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Lillie absolutely loves the sultry vibes of the sand dunes so it seemed like a perfect plan... WRONG! Unfortunately summer plans ended up falling through so we had to think of a backup and thus the Outer Banks session was born!

We started planning and split the shoot between the sand dunes at Jockey Ridge State Park in The Outer Banks at sunset on Saturday and sunrise on the beach on Sunday. The weather was warm and windy and there was a little bit of cloud coverage making for gorgeous diffused lighted. This gave us the best of both worlds and get our best lighting for both scenarios - booyah! We absolutely LOVED being able to play with double exposures and blurry moments. We all felt like we captured so much more than love but it really was fun art work.

The entire time prepping for this trip I was SO FREAKING HYPE! This is the most proud I have ever been of a session. and I couldn't be more thrilled. I have been dying to do more than just the normal and I finally did and it felt GREAT! I am so stinkin' happy and grateful for this session and being able to experiment and just have so much fun with Lillie & Jacob. They are so excited for pics that are different and unique aside from the simple light & airy posed shots. Moral of the story is that when one plan fails, it's all good - backup plans are still gorgeous!

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