Philadelphia Engagement Session

Casey and I were actually friends all throughout college so it was amazing to be able to shoot for her and Melissa. We shared common interests such as being collegiate athletes, me on the basketball team and her on rugby. We even did a couple of organizations and overall she is the sweetest most down to earth person. Melissa on the other hand is what we could say her "perfect opposite", in the most amazing and loving way possible. When we planned this engagement session I just knew it was going to be so fun and epic and that's exactly what it was.

For this engagement session, I took my bum all the way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Melissa and Casey really wanted something vibey (is that a good description? LOL) for their engagement shoot so we knew EXACTLY where to go. Funny story though, I had arrived in Philadelphia pretty late the night before and storms were forecasted for our shoot day. We had originally planned on doing a sunrise shoot, but due to the inclement weather we decided to wake up early anyway and see how it all played out. Luckily, when we woke up the storm had passed and we had the most BEAUTIFUL overcast to hit our sunrise photos at our destination location. After waking up at the crack of dawn, we made our way over to our first location was this really well known bridge called the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Despite us being half dead, we were still able to make it work and the photos came out so breathtakingly beautiful.

Melissa and Casey really wanted to make sure that this shoot represented THEM to their core! So what better than to do an incredibly EPIC paint fight! We bought all of the materials and they even came prepared with overalls... the PERFECT attire if I do say so myself. If you notice their dress color matches their bandeau colors and overall they made sure to put a lot of time and dedication coordinating their fits for this shoot and they TOTALLY succeeded. We totally lucked out with the weather on this day because even later on during the paint portion of their shoot, the sun was just glowing on them and they looked like models.

Overall, this day was an absolute dream. The only downfall was that when we got back from the paint fight portion of their shoot, while heading back to our cars we noticed Melissa's car window had been smashed (thanks Philly!). At the end of the day, the insurance covered the window, the photos came out amazing and Melissa & Casey were the absolute best to work with. I am so honored to have been able to capture such amazing memories for them to cherish forever!

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