Sedona Couples Session

Mason and Rachel are the type of couple that you absolutely obsess over!! Their love is unmatched and when they reached out to do this couples session in Sedona, Arizona I couldn't have been more excited!!

Mason and Rachel have been dating for 5 years and recently moved to Arizona together and are living their best lives as young 20 something year olds. They live near Phoenix and met me in Sedona for this amazing session.

Now we were in red rock country, so trying to pick a spot to shoot at was pretty hard! We were driving around trying to find where to shoot and we were lucky to come across this random overlook. It seriously was the most perfect spot for us and I couldn't wait to get started. Although we were battling with that Arizona heat, Mason, Rachel and I had such a blast and really got to know each other throughout the whole session.

I felt super excited for Mason and Rachel to have pictures that represent this fun phase in their life. They are just starting out so it is so exciting that they have photos to remember that. I was also pumped about the dope double exposures we got! I feel like we really settled in and got super comfortable with each other. You see can that in the last set of photos where they are being super silly. I always love including those silly shot, it really shows the personality of my couples and makes things a bit more airy and light hearted.

Throughout the whole session I felt awesome! They were super confident in how the pictures were coming out. They even joked that they are going to make a side hustle of modeling for photographers in the area. I mean look at them though, they could do it right??

At the end of the day we had an amazing couples session and Sedona provided us with the absolute amazing weather and scenery to pair with stunning models to have awesome session.

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